Friday, February 13, 2015

Cool Christmas Cards Photo images

Some cool christmas cards photo images:

Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2007!
christmas cards photo
Image by Unhindered by Talent
So, here's the finished card. It's a bit odd in that it has all three of us in it, which is a first since ever in his 13 years on our planet.

Many thanks to all our friends here on Flickr, who continue to provide such wonderful support, feedback, and comments. It is very much appreciated!

Top from left: WeatherGirl laughing at Christmas, Sub-Evil Boy being goofy in front of the computer, and me shooting my reflection on the train traveling south from Denali National Park (Alaska) last summer.

Middle from left: Sub-Evil boy huddling against the wind on an exposed hill top in Denali National Park last August, Sub-Evil at Pea Ridge National Military Park over Christmas, and WeatherGirl being silly in my office last April.

Bottom row from left: Sub-Evil crashing in the back of the bus from Anchorage up to Denali National Park last August, Sub-Evil and I performing his wondrous "Taco Man" at the Asian Student Association talent show in November, and Sub-Evil laughing while we were waiting for the Denali to Anchorage train to arrive.

Winter Song Birds - a Vintage Christmas Card Illustration
christmas cards photo
Image by IronRodArt - Royce Bair ("Star Shooter")
A 1913 Christmas card illustration of winter song birds surrounded by a frame of holly. This image was scanned from my personal collection and the color restored (digitally remastered). I also retouched it to remove scratches, cracks, smudges and age spots. This is typically about a 3 hour process.

FREE for Personal Use Downloads: This image is offered through a Creative Commons license. You can also obtain PRINTS or a commercial use license (and even larger downloads) at my SmugMug site. NOTE: Personal use requires attribution (credit ''Royce Bair'') and a link to my Web site: ''The Stock Solution'' -- where you can also find many more free downloads.

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Santa Is So Scary
christmas cards photo
Image by Jason DeRusha
We were hoping to make this our Christmas card photo. It's funny, because that's me in the Santa get-up. But Seth was so scared, he wouldn't stop crying.