Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nice Photo Show photos

A few nice photo show images I found:

Hot Rod Car Cruise_copyright
photo show
Image by Chris Draper Photography
Wentzville car show and cruise

How Come a Photography Show About Voyeurism, Cameras and Surveilance at the SFMOMA Doesn't Include That Photo Of Mine From That One Time That They Threw Me Out of Their Musuem and Accused Me of Voyeurism?
photo show
Image by Thomas Hawk
My write up on photographing the new Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas here

On the weekend of November 20-21, 2010, I was invited to photograph the new Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas prior to their opening December 15, 2010 in Las Vegas NV.

This set of images represents my efforts that weekend to showcase this newest resort property opening up on the Las Vegas Strip. Thanks to David Scherer from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for showing me around, to Miiko Mentz at Katalyst Films for helping to arrange the shoot, and to my wife for modeling for me.

To learn more about The Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas, check out their website here or their Facebook page here.