Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nice Christmas Photo Card photos

Check out these christmas photo card images:

Xmas 2009
christmas photo card
Image by statelyenglishmanor
I can't believe Lionel posted this sad photo of our poor tree. The circles are all paper, cut with a craft punch from last year's and this year's Christmas cards, and some from craft paper (our advent calender was made with paper cones from the same paper). Some of them are strung like buttons onto yarn to make a garland, and some of them have a single hole with an ornament hanger. Sophie spent nearly every day of December taking the ornaments off and sometimes hanging them back up again. Which is justification enough for having a paper Christmas.

The tree skirt, an old round linen tablecloth, has been pulled aside by the cats so they can drink the nasty, piney tree water which is apparently tastier than the fresh stuff in the kitchen.

Day after Christmas
christmas photo card
Image by AliBlog
For weeks after we took the Christmas card photos, they returned to stand in front of the tree every time they saw my camera. Here, they're donning mismatch PJs and dirty, post-breakfast faces.