Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Check out these christmas photo card images:

christmas photo card
Image by jimblodget
Can you spot the photographer?

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Part 2: Woolloo package
christmas photo card
Image by ffi
Woolloomooloo sent the TLF a huge and wonderful birthday/christmas gift package!!! This is what I got! Thank you sooo much, Woolloo!!

5. Birthdaycard with sound!! And a christmas card :)
6. Blanc postcards ^-^ (Yoshitomo Nara, cuties and dollies)
7. Candies ^^
8. Moomin napkins: soo cute!

Christmas 2011
christmas photo card
Image by kellyhogaboom
On the actual cards we printed, we applied glitter to each 'stache. Any previous moustache-related photos in this Flickrstream are entirely coincidental, BTW.