Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cool Best Image images

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Mystic Poppies.
best image
Image by Belgium
Featured in Make Me Wonder The best Pic OF the Week

One of the winners........ Challenge 104 ~ Mystic Night Air ~ The Award Tree

One of the winners ........ THE HYPOTHETICAL AWARDS. The 3rd Annual "IN THE GARDEN WIZARDRY" Challenge.

On front page Illuminations group May 2013.

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Perth City - City of Light
best image
Image by autumn_leaf
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Perth, Western Australia, is also sometimes known as the "City of Light".

Perth would appear to be, to the traveler, a place of romance: the 'City of Light' acclaimed by the astronaut John Glenn who, orbiting the earth overhead in his Mercury capsule in 1963, claimed to have seen 'the tiny glow on the south-west tip of the great black southern continent,' as its inhabitants left their lights on through the night in honor of Glenn and the United States space program. 'I can see lights on the ground,'Glenn reported. 'I can see the lights of Perth on the coast. Thanks everyone for turning on the lights.'

More details about Perth can be found here:,_Western_Australia

Best of Yellowstone, Day 5: Grand Tetons in the Moonlight
best image
Image by howardignatius
Captured this image on a cold night during the brightest full moon this year. We are getting ready to come home after a tour of Yellowstone in winter. Many great memories and more photos to follow!