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Crostini Designs - Holiday Cards - Packaging and Logo

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Crostini Designs - Holiday Cards - Packaging and Logo
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Image by crostinidesigns
Crostini designs holiday cards, created with a PG-5 Print Gocco. Available on Etsy - store name is Crostini (see my profile for a link).

Photo depicts the Crostini logo (screenprinted on back of card) and packaged card sets (of 6, in mixed winter colors).

2-color print with embossed word "PEACE". Metallic gold background / black foreground. In a mix of winter colors on acid-free cardstock. Non-denominational design.

photo prints
Image by Fabrice de Nola
Topic: work of art by Fabrice de Nola
Title: Ponderosa (diptych)
Date: 1997
Medium: oil on linen (left panel), Ilfochrome (right panel)
Total size: cm 300x300
Painting size: cm 300x200
Ilfochrome size: cm 300x100

The woman that is painted in negative on the canvas (left) becomes a positive image on his negative reproduction (right).
The painting reproduction in right panel was realized by a negative film that was printed as a reversal film.

To learn more about Inverse Project go to: article (italian) and images

Cite as: Fabrice de Nola, 1997. Ponderosa (diptych), oil on linen (left panel), Ilfochrome (right panel), cm 300x300.

Fabrice de Nola is an Italian-Belgian visual artist. He was the first artist in the world to create works of art, in 2006, using painted QR codes containg web links and texts readable through mobiles.

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photo prints
Image by MarianaLeme
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