Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nice Photo Christmas Card photos

Check out these photo christmas card images:

Season's Greetings 2007
photo christmas card
Image by IK's World Trip
A year ago, I did a silly season's greeting card in LA. Well, Helsinki is far less colorful and extreme than LA, but you can do a silly postcard also in Helsinki using similar style. Of course, Helsinki is also very European in imagination, as this card shows. Surprisingly little Disney can be found on the streets. - The LA card is here: Check also this movie (10 MB, QuickTime): > Sights... Europe > Happy holidays from Helsinki.

This year's Burgerportrait
photo christmas card
Image by Simon Collison
In my Christmas card. I'm slightly chubbier this year.

Compare with 2006, 2007, and birthday 2009.