Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nice Photo Ideas photos

A few nice photo ideas images I found:

Octagons for October #9: Daisy, Nightsy
photo ideas
Image by origami_madness
Technically it's tomorrow... but not really. I hate the early morning.

Sorry for the late post, I had an essay due and that took precedence.

I'm borrowing an idea from Christene, extending it a bit. I widened the pleats, and turned the center into a sunken point instead of a spread one. Hopefully more on this theme later...

By the way, some of you will remember Daniel's Pentagonal grid.... This piece was made with a similar idea, parsed onto the octagon. It doesn't work out as well-- the more sides to the polygon, the more reference points you'll end up with-- but it's a useful method of finding creases that I'd otherwise have to approximate, which would be messy.

Ohio River Looking Out to Louisville
photo ideas
Image by Tom Gill.
Due to the low river level, the fossil beds were clearly visible at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. To get an idea of how vast this area is, people can be seen standing near the center of the photo on the rocky bank as it sticks out into the Ohio River.

i'm going to stay young until i die
photo ideas
Image by jane rahmy
innocent by aidan hawken

i thiiink this would be a nice shot in like a sunset time of day, but it was actually around 1230am instead (it's nice to have friends who will not only suggest but are also extremely enthusiastic about doing photo stuff in the middle of the night ), but i have an idea similiar to it that i may do later! :)

model: brittney lewis