Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cool Photo Cards images

Some cool photo cards images:

August 17th - Notecard to Self
photo cards
Image by Mr.Tea
Not much going on today, so I took some snaps of my MOO notecards, which arrived while I was away. They arrived a bit late for Mel's birthday, and I'm kind of sad that I have to wait to give them away to people.

Orbit Business Card Holder
photo cards
Image by tomas carrillo
This business card holder is made from an Orbit gum pack I had lying around. This version of the holder is pretty simple to make and only requires a sharp knife to trim the front piece for easier access to the cards. I have also created two other versions of the business card holder (one is a display) which you can find here: The Orbit Gum Pack Business Card Holder Hack!

As for the photo itself, I used a 22" x 28" poster-sized sheet of white paper for the background and two regular 13 Watt CFL lights for lighting (no flash - I'm too cheap to buy one). This photo is straight from the camera with no post-processing; I used a 77mm Expodisc to create a custom white balance before taking the shot.

Courtesy Card
photo cards
Image by Jeremy Brooks
This card was given to me by Nicholas Torres, a security supervisor at 555 Mission in San Francisco.

Apparently Universal Protection Service does not realize that "photographers' constitutional rights" extend to all areas of a building that are visible from public locations, not just the areas that they want you to photograph.

Photography is not a crime.

Troy Holden was harassed there as well. He has contacted the building management company and will update his post with results.