Monday, June 8, 2015

Cool Image Search images

Check out these image search images:

Setting Sun
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Image by Jasmic
Magilligan Point, Northern Ireland.

Just two of the thousands of shells washed up on the beach.

Explore - Highest position: 57 on Thursday, November 30, 2006

27 April 07 - this just hit 1000 views. I have no idea why! I mean, it is ok and all that, but 1000!? Still, thanks to whoever it is looking :-)

26 July 07 - and now it has hit 2000, and is my most viewed image, overtaking my Shamu shot.

28 Dec - Thanks to the new Photo Stats feature I now know where all the views are coming from, and they are from yahoo image searches...

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Image by andyi
Again we come back to my (brilliant) idea of giving small but meaningful public grants to people who, in the process of enjoying their lives, make everybody else's day much more interesting. If I were the Parks Commissioner, one of my operatives would slap a 0 bill in this woman's hand in exchange for a promise to come back two or three more times at her own convenience.

My knowledge of anime characters is only by osmosis. I've seen this character a hundred times, but only today have I learned that it's the half-human, half-demon Inu Yasha.

No, I didn't ask her for the name; I didn't want to look like a feeb. Instead, I did a Google image search for "anime characters" and picked the half-demon out of a lineup.

Three cheers to this woman...!