Thursday, April 2, 2015

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - The Round Room

Some cool photo galleries images:

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - The Round Room
photo galleries
Image by ell brown
Now that I know that you can take photos inside the Birmingham Musuem & Art Gallery, thought I'd go along and take what I wanted (not the paintings).

This is in the part of the museum near Great Charles Street Queensway.

On Friday it opened at 10:30am and I got here just in time before the crowds showed up.

I mainly wanted to take the busts I previously saw in the art galleries.

Over the bridge (leaving the art galleries and Feeney Galleries behind me).

The round room of BM & AG.

Jabob Epstein's Lucifer ahead.

The impressive Round Room, with plain walls for hanging pictures and a low conical glass roof above a strapwork band of circles and hexagons.

From Pevsner Architectural Guides: Birmingham by Andy Foster