Monday, February 9, 2015

Drama, Dawn's Light

A few nice upload image images I found:

Drama, Dawn's Light
upload image
Image by cobalt123
Seeing this image will have more meaning taken in context of the series I am uploading at this time. I often go out at dawn in Phoenix, for the light is incredible and magical. This composition shows the top of a walkway across Highway 51 in central Phoenix. That this morning showed an overcast sky with a few brilliant blue contrasts amid the clouds made the image more powerful for me. The contrast of this brilliant yellow structure with the blue of the sky made the image memorable. I treasure these forays into "Phoenix Other Worlds" as a way to view this urban area in a far different light than one thinks of when pondering "What is Phoenix?"

Thunderbird Coffee One
upload image
Image by Visualist Images
Last night after a long day of shooting I decided to stop at my local coffee shop and have a nice Americano to before heading to the office to upload my days work. As I enjoyed my coffee the light took on a wonderful rose cast as the sun started setting. I had to pull out my gear an take a couple of photos to try & capture the moment.
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