Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cool Photo Galleries images

A few nice photo galleries images I found:

Art Gallery of Ontario
photo galleries
Image by Maia C
Frank Gehry designed this amazing staircase as part of the expansion project for the Art Gallery of Ontario.

View the set.

YSExhibition at ****contrasted gallery: a hard selection of some YSEfots
photo galleries
Image by YSE mag
A hard selection of some photos published at Y SIN EMBARGO magazine in a unique event. Curated by fernandoprats for the benefit of ****contrasted gallery.

10th-17th June, 2011.


Suggested music : leyendecker, by Battles + salvaging, by Steven Wilson


Exhibition thread at the gallery . Cuéntale al mundo qué te ha parecido.




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Death Leap From Blazing Hotel
photo galleries
Image by cliff1066™
1947 Pulitzer Prize, Photography, Arnold Hardy, Associated Press

With only five flashbulbs, 26 year old Georgia Tech student Arnold Hardy used his last one to capture this photo of a woman leaping from the Winecoff Hotel fire. Hardy was the first amateur to win a Pulitzer prize.

Its Friday night. Arnold Hardy, like most of his fellow college students, is out having a good time. He arrives home in the early hours of the morning to hear fire trucks racing through the streets. An amateur photographer. Hardy grabs his camera, jumps into a taxi and hurries to the blaze. "I came upon it all at once. Fire was raging from the upper floors. From almost every window, men. women and children screamed tor help."

The Winecoff Hotel has no fire escapes, no fire doors, no fire stairs. The hotel is 15 stories high; the ladders ot the Atlanta Fire Department do not reach above the ninth floor. The blaze spreads rapidly. Guests on the upper floors have no way out. "The trapped victims," remembers Hardy, "were descending ropes of blankets and bed sheets in desperate attempts to reach the fully extended ladders." The sheets tear; people plunge to the pavement. Other guests try jumping
to the building next door; most fall to the street below.

As Hardy watches, he hears a woman shriek. "I looked up, raising my camera. A woman was plummeting downward. As she passed the third floor, I fired, using my last flashbulb."

The woman is lucky: Her fall is broken by a pipe and a railing. She lives.

In all, 119 people lose their lives in the December 7 Winecoff fire — including owner W. F. Winecoff, found dead, along with his wife, in his luxury suite on the 14th floor.