Friday, August 15, 2014

Cool Cat Image images

Some cool cat image images:

The cat =^..^=
cat image
Image by Viola & Cats / Sorry absent (broken pc)
Do not use my images without my permission .
Non utilizzare le mie immagini senza il mio consenso .
Questo gatto è uno dei nuovi amici della mia Micky ...
This cat is one new friends of my Micky ....

Cat in a tree
cat image
Image by rore
In a weeping willow.
I selected the "shadow" mode for the white balance on my camera, thinking it'll be the good mode for such a setting.
But this mode gives a yellowish tint to the image, to compensate for the blue tint that things in the shadow have. The problem is that here, it was'nt really in the shadow, the light was filtered thru the green-yellow leaves, giving a greenish-yellowish light.
So of course, that + the wrong mode = yellow-green cat :D
But well, that was easy to correct on the comp', so now he's rather white.