Monday, July 25, 2016

Cool Photo Gifts images

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Jester (24:04:12)
photo gifts
Image by Ismar Badzic
My mother bought me a red pencil a few years ago, with this little fella sat on top. I've never used this pencil because I prefer the sentimental value over it's real world purpose. I don't want to waste a pencil- I can do that to any pencil. I'm like that. I collect a lot of stuff that way. I find it hard to say goodbye or let go to people and objects alike. It's like the story of the kid who loved his new shoes so much that he never wore them for fear of getting them dirty-and then grew out of them (what film is that from- I reckon Home Alone).

But hey, I finally found a use for the pencil-jester. The subject on the receiving end of a beautiful 55mm macro lens.

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J D Graber with gifts, 1952, Argentina
photo gifts
Image by Mennonite Church USA Archives
Caption: J.D. Graber is thanking the missionaries for gifts he and his wife received.

Citation: Mennonite Board of Missions. Photographs. Argentina, 1937-1954. IV-10-7.2 Box 1 folder 45, photo #7. Mennonite Church USA Archives - Goshen. Goshen, Indiana.