Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Philadelphia's Homeless

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Philadelphia's Homeless
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Image by cliff1066™
1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer

“I like any kind of food. Whatever’s there, I buy it. Hot dog one day, the next Chinese food, roast beef sandwich.” — Walter, Philadelphia, homeless

In the winter of 1985, Philadelphia Inquirer photographer Tom Gralish steps out or his life and into the lives of the city’s street people. "I didn't know much about these guys. So I decided to show what their day is like. I wanted it to be straightforward 'doc photography.’ Go out and sec what you can find."

Gralish walks the streets with his camera. "I hooked up with one little group. It was like a community — enough vendors to be nice to them, enough steam grates, a liquor store nearby, a hospital, lots of commuters to panhandle — everything they needed."

Some men live on fire escapes; others in alleys. Walter lives on a sidewalk heating grate. "Walter is one of the guys who is hard to reach because he talks to himself and rants to people on the street. Everyone knows him; people who live and work in the neighborhood give him change. He was one of those guys who was hot and cold to me."

Eventually, Walter allows Gralish to photograph him- "People like it when you pay attention to them. These guys had disdain for society and the rules: that's why they objected to the shelters. They saw themselves as the last free men."

Robbo at Pure Evil Gallery
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Famous Banksy-basher and graffiti artist Robbo opened his “New Paintings” exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery yesterday, showing a lot of colorful paintings, proclaiming street art is dead. For sure, I took some photos... For more info, visit