Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nice Image Gallery photos

Check out these image gallery images:

Ford Model T Woody wagon
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Image by skeggy Suburban Body for the Model T Ford&im=hc_g_5a.jpg

Midwest Model T Ford Club

The Devil's Garden, Arches National Park
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Image by Daniel H Chui
The Devil's Garden is one of the most popular destinations in Arches National Park, Utah. It's "garden" that form by a lot of interesting rock formations and arches.

Original File: utah085_DevilsGarden.tif
Image info: 5600x4400, 8 bit, sRGB

Anglepoise Apple iMac and Windows
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Image by Dominic's pics
Image of "anglepoise" Apple iMac (the design of which was reputedly inspired by a sunflow) with default desktop (now emulated by Vista) against coloured stained glass windows in Fabrica Art Gallery - a former church - in Brighton, East Sussex. Weak colours outside of the window and computer screen have been selectively desaturated to enhance the image.