Thursday, May 19, 2016

Anorexia? no, I'm fine...

Check out these photo prints images:

Anorexia? no, I'm fine...
photo prints
Image by Constantine Belias
Entry for the competition of Young Lions Greece 2010

Art Director:
Constantine Belias

Konstantina Zoehrer

Special thanks to:
Lefteris Koulonis

This is my entry for the Young Lions Competion 2010 for the print category. We were asked to create a meaningful message addressed to girls suffering from eating disorders and anorexia in particular.
Our aim was to dispel the myth that the person who suffers from anorexia
is skinny. This is actually one of the last stages of the disease.

Therefore we chose to use the picture of a girl who looks happy and has
an average body type. In the copy she states some of the things she does which are clear indications of anorexia.

For example: she gets nervous when she looks at herself in the mirror, avoids eating, frozes her food so that it won’t smell and can easily dispose of it under her mother’s nose etc

Our idea was to show that a person suffering from anorexia isn’t aware of the fact that it is a disease. What one sees while looking at the poster is a girl smiling and next to her the headline that reads:
Anorexia? no, I'm fine...

First prints!
photo prints
Image by Gueоrgui
The VERY first print is the one in the top left. Overexposed the paper quite a bit.

And yeah, when the paper is dipped into the developer, and the image starts to form, that's a rather magical moment...

And I stood nervous next to you in the dark room
You dropped the paper in the water
And it all begins to bloom
Yeah, they go wild...

(Bright Eyes - Old Soul Song [For The New World Order])