Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Polish Farmers

A few nice photo album images I found:

Polish Farmers
photo album
Image by MadPole
Rolnicy z krwi i kości

photo album
Image by Rachel Zack

Top 30 albums as of 23-04-07
photo album
Image by jonanamary
As I may have mentioned before, I really love It's so nice and methodical.

Anyway, with over 25,000 tracks listened, here is the list of my overall top 30 most-listened albums. There are some quite major changes from before (see June 06 and October 06); Steal This Album! by System Of A Down has disappeared completely, for instance, while Opeth are making their way steadily to the top.

It's a bit annoying that bands I don't really listen to - like Hatebreed - are still in there and will be for a while, but I am sure I will live. Also, some albums don't show up at all (Sacrament by Lamb Of God is an example) for some unknown reason.

In all, I think this proves that ... I have too much time on my hands. Being off work ill (and yes, before you say anything, I am properly ill, honest) isn't all bad.

Of the 16 artists represented in the top 30 I have seen 11 live. Not bad going, if I say so myself.


EDIT: Oh crap, I've just realised Hypnotize should be #1 instead of Mezmerize. I am silly. And too lazy to replace and retag. Oh well! They're only half a dozen or so plays apart anyway.