Friday, April 15, 2016

Nice Buy Photo photos

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Hay Bales (3/365)
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Image by Patrick_Down
Bought a new bike today (I went into the bike shop to replace the chain. Turned out it needed a new cassette, front chainwheel and the back wheel was warped too, so it was cheaper to buy another one). Took it out to Midlothian's finest and almost car-free back roads. Photo opportunities were few and far between as it was, to say the least, dreich, but here's some haybales, tweaked in Bibble.

My New Toy-Explored 11/17-- ???
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Image by pam's pics-
Bought this super vintage Holga from flickr friend Gary--
Can't wait to play with it. I love the box and it has never been used.....

I'm constantly wondering how Explore works. I've had some really terrific photos- but they don't show up there. But this- ??

Double Lens
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Image by CharlesLam
Bought one more macro add-on lens, found it can work together with my pervious one. :D

The inexpense setting for macros working quite well as long as Ur subject allowing Ur getting close to 10cm.