Monday, April 11, 2016

Cool Photo Lights images

Check out these photo lights images:

night lights
photo lights
Image by Shandi-lee
I sit very awkwardly behind my computer. Am obsessed with my new lights :) I chose not to be in focus because I look pretty haggard, the apple logo was looking much cuter tonight!

I love the way my blanket looks under these lights ^_^

:) lightbox

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World Showcase Sunset
photo lights
Image by Express Monorail
...just some pretty light I caught while wondering around the World Showcase one summer night.

photo lights
Image by Arthur Kantemirov
This peice was created for Challenge #97: Light Posts of the Textured for Layers group.

Photograph "Light Posts" by carrotmadman6 was used.

Along with these textures from the group Textured for Layers:
* Stormy * by pareeerica.
flare by not kafka.
bokehed chandelier by Abby Lanes.

support image:
Dominican Ocean by Arthur Kantemirov (me).