Monday, March 14, 2016

Nice Make A Picture photos

Check out these make a picture images:

Icecream van
make a picture
Image by @Doug88888
I tried to make this pic look old fashioned (like a photo from the 80's). I also wanted to see the grinning faces on the left more clearly.

I want an ice-cream

Mobile Muffins
make a picture
Image by Ric e Ette
Picture taken at the "Maker Faire 2008" (San Mateo, CA) - a collection of creative, weird, and sometimes useless (but always interesting) inventions, exhibits and art performances. Check out the other pictures in this set.


Acme Muffineering presents Kinetic Pastry Science Mobile Muffins. Discover the recipe for a full batch of 1:18 scale mobile muffins. Delicious scratch-built, electric-powered, highly maneuverable, and capable of 18mph+!



Foto tirada na "Maker Faire 2008" (em San Mateo, Califórnia) - uma feira repleta de criativas, supreendentes, e algumas vezes inúteis (mas sempre interessantes) invenções, mostras e exibições de arte. Confira as outras fotos deste álbum.