Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cool American Photo images

Some cool american photo images:

Color Photos of American’s New Possessions 1900 (Philippines)
american photo
Image by John T Pilot
A good way to view this book as if you are turning the pages is to view this set as a slide show.
Click on this: .
you can slow it down, pause it, or go back.

This is an important historical book in its entirety. There are some very interesting colorized photos. But personally over all I find the book a little boring in that there are too may photos showing American soldiers and not enough historical sites. It does indicate the mentality and thoughts of the time that was different than it is today. That people change in the way they think over the years can be difficult to understand but is important to know. In conclusion I would categorize the book as “America’s Brag Book”. I say that in honesty even if I am a proud American.

American Robin
american photo
Image by Alan Vernon.
American Robin (Turdus migratorius) searching for food on the banks of the Thompson River at Kamloops BC.