Thursday, January 14, 2016

Uppercase Magazine

Check out these photo magazine images:

Uppercase Magazine
photo magazine
Image by splorp
Look what arrived in the post today … “The First One” … yes, the inaugural issue of Uppercase Magazine, published right here in Calgary by Janine Vangool and the good folks at Uppercase Gallery. So pretty. So solid.

Cover illustration by Blanca Gómez, by the by.

294/365/659 (April 1, 2010) - Cover of Michigan History Magazine
photo magazine
Image by cseeman
This is my photo on the cover of Michigan History Magazine's March/April 2010 issue. Yeah!

MHS Magazine Nov. 2005
photo magazine
Image by Gamma-Ray Productions
Originally I thought I'd lost this long ago, then while cleaning an old magazine bin my mother found it.

November 2005 issue of my former high school's magazine. The first issue I'd gotten in grade nine.

I was hoping to find a photo of me in book blast (the original one) but it's actually in the June 2006 I think I have long lost (still haven't found it, it's somewhere).

Times were different back then...three principals (and co-presidents, though why need three, to keep it consistent with the number of principals?), cake apparently traditionally offered to the "new students" (grade nines who probably never knew there was such a cake, at least I didn't) and changing dynamics. Woodsworth had closed that year...their principal, Mikhael, had been sworn on in.
Most people in there I don't recognize as I didn't really know or socialize with the older grades (people of which are prominently featured here). It's kind of funny because I did socialize with the lower grades as I advanced, and they socialized with everyone...anyway.

I believe the people in there are, left to right, Melissa Norton, Brett Ruskin, Gail Lyon (she was very nice, a tonne better than McCarthy!) and Dong Jong Lee (not sure if any of those names are his first or middle names).
I have absolutely no connections with any of these people today...another interesting fact seeing as the last co-president of the school when I was in 12h grade calls me a friend on Facebook (and my cousin Jamie is one himself at SRB).

I wonder how the cake was?