Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nice Photo Magazine photos

Check out these photo magazine images:

"No good unless the wind's blowing in his nose" photo by Borg Mesch
photo magazine
Image by Nesster
So Johan Turi (Thuri), Lapp author, describes his fellow tribesmen from the Jukkasjärvi District. In his Book of Lappland he extols the merits of these nomad reindeer herdsmen as the doggedly follow their animals over the high fells of the Arctic, through the fierce winds and driving snows of winter blizzards. 1939.

A Trim - 25/365
photo magazine
Image by joshjanssen
AUGUST 10 2010 | Photo 25/365:
Its about time I had a haircut! As Mum would say, I now look 'human'.
Behind me in tonights photo, is Sarah, my hairdresser/gossip queen.

Now that the Melbourne International Film Festival is over, I have my nights back. Which means slowly chipping away at all the things i need to do.

Adorama mail order list - March 1984
photo magazine
Image by Nesster