Thursday, January 7, 2016

lotus box

A few nice photo printing images I found:

lotus box
photo printing
Image by ballookey
Nobuflickr's beautiful photo of a lotus bud inspired this project.

Print this design on a piece of paper (I made it large enough to print up to 11" square and trim it to the image edge. Then follow the folding directions here:

This is a pretty traditional paper box, so if my directions confound you, there should be better versions on the web somewhere... ;) Oh yeah, here's a clear set of instructions:

Starboard / Port
photo printing
Image by Nick Sherman
Just received another manicule print from Alan to match the other one he sent a while back.

Interrobang's Shakespeare Sonnet 116
photo printing
Image by luxuryluke
There's a letterpress shop in Massachusetts that printed up 50 copies of our favorite sonnet from Bill Shakespeare. It was recounted from memory by dad on the beach at our wedding.

You may still be able to get a copy of it but chances are it's already sold out.

My photos don't do it justice.

Check here.