Monday, January 4, 2016

Cool Photo Letters images

Some cool photo letters images:

Riddle No.5 - The Globe (lots of clues!)
photo letters
Image by PhotoGraham
From the fertile ground beneath your feet comes the rhythm of life & love. What is the core of this riddle? Perhaps this one will beat you. Let it not be broken, let it never stop, then you can take it, always with you, keep it warm and share it with the ones you love.

It has two parts - the main answer, a single word, can be guessed from the lines of the riddle. Then there is a cryptic link (anagram) between the answer and the {title, picture and fourth word}.

So the final answer is two words, both 5 letters, anagrams of each other!

365.8 - today's photo is brought to you by the letter G
photo letters
Image by nettsu
Larry has been suffering from cabin fever. So yesterday we packed the girls up and went into Docklands to visit CostCo - what a laugh! Seriously, it was completely & absolutely mental! And we got some very good savings on nappies & stuff so we were happy even though it was slightly insane...