Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cool My Photos images

A few nice my photos images I found:

My Mashup of Mike's Mashup of My Mashup
my photos
Image by cambodia4kidsorg
Here's my original mashup

Here's Mike's mashup of mashup w/all the attributions and question about the issues surrounding cc license and mashups

The blog conversation so far:
1. Mike makes some points about YouTube, CC, and Remix Culture!A056EA628FAE2BFE!4257.entry

2. Stephen Downes replies

3. Mike's response
Here's Mike's post

Frisbe Photo

Photo of Stephen Downes

Answer to the question: Mike is waiting for his t-shirt to be delivered to Austraila and in the meantime he needed to create some photoshop swag.

My last wide angle shot for a while
my photos
Image by Austinitecowboy
My Tamron 10-24mm broke just before that shot. I got the infamous Err01. Fortunately it's only a few months old, I still have warranty, it seems to be a common error and I don't have a need for wide angle shots within the next few weeks, so I will bring it back to the shop today to see what they say.

If you wonder why I took this photo even though the lense broke before the shot: I was able to loosen then lense from the body, so it was not screwed tight to the body.

About the photo: It's a real HDR generated from 6 RAW captures. I had tried to capture rapeseed photos for the last few years, but I always drove by the fields and ended up forgetting to take a photo. Last week, I went to explore the fields next to where I live and I found this field.

This photo has been marked as an almost perfect photo by the "Score 1 to 20 on 20" group with an average score of 15.6 and passed the 85 points markwith 88.5 points in the "Score me in Detail" group! Thank you!
Please leave a comment and let me know what you associate with this photo!

Bitte hinterlasse einen Kommentar und lass mich wissen, welche Gedanken du zu diesem Bild hast!

My First Wedding Book!
my photos
Image by Suus Wansink
I got my first wedding book in the mail last week!! Secretly I'm a little proud of it! ;) The photos and the book turned out so good!


More photos of the book.
More photos of the wedding.

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