Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cool Family Photo images

Check out these family photo images:

Great-Grandparents... PAD #1143
family photo
Image by BenSpark
Eva and her Great-Grandparents, my Dad's parents. They came over for a visit today. And we had a very nice time. They both love her so much. More at The BenSpark

Audio, and more at

My Grand-daughters
family photo
Image by cobalt123
Anavey and Summer, ages 4 and 6. Not long from now there were be more photos of all three grand-daughters to share. Getting all of them together at one time is quite a challenge. This photo here is courtesy my friend jcvigi who got this photo at our Arizona Wonders photo stroll/meetup/model shoot on April 5, the Gallery of the Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix.

La Creación
family photo
Image by Ignacio Conejo
... y entonces creó la mujer, el hombre, el bebé y la palabra.--