Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nice Upload Photos photos

Check out these upload photos images:

Still Got The Ammo (B&W)
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Image by Alex Abian (Also on
I had uploaded this picture as a colour portrait, but after some hours I thought it'll be stronger in black and white. I deleted by mistake the colour one, so now it's just this. I love black and white :D

Había subido esta como un retrato a color, pero después de unas horas he pensado que sería mas potente en blanco y negro. Como he borrado la otra, ahora solo queda esta. Me encanta el blanco y negro :D

Model : Gerom

Inside Urban Photography.
More Urban Portraits.

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Image by Ardonik
I haven't uploaded in a while, so here is an image from my queue.

It's another level 1 Menger Sponge colored in a special way. This is the first time I've managed to color any origami with a gradient that was neither horizontal nor vertical.

As usual, there are 144 units in the construct. However, the number of individual units of each color was difficult for me to predict and didn't follow any interesting pattern (so much for my Pascal Triangle theory!) I miscalculated the number of colors needed to color the unit, so I ended up filling in the missing colors with pink and white. I think it turned out okay.

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Image by Supersentido
I'm just uploading all the entries for my art project, into a flickr page:

The pics are in a very good size.

Feel free to go to and download the boxes, they are free!

I was thinking that people from my flickr contact should support on a more strong way this project, but you're not too late yet! Here is a direct link to download the template. Add your graphics and send me the file back.