Friday, December 25, 2015

Nice Picture photos

Check out these picture images:

53/365 Memories laid out
Image by martinak15
I love looking at old pictures! :)
Hey! Guess what? I can't wait for Christmas! I'm finally getting my tripod!!!!!!!!! :D It's really hard taking self portraits and other things without one! Also, I asked for lenses! I've never used any before.... so wooo! :) Also, I'm thinking it's a really great time to take pictures <3 This will be the first time I will have my camera for the Holiday Season! :) I'm so excited, I want to explode! :D I must have told my friends this so many times.... hope they're not annoyed...haha:)

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Signage Shop at Utah State Fair, '09, with Lame Owners
Image by MaxxFordham
I was taking a picture of this shop because I thought the signs looked cool, but then the jerk guy at the register thought it was his business to tell me to take my pictures elsewhere.

Uhh, problem is, "sir," I'm on a public space, so you can't stop me from taking pictures of your "ohh-so precious booth" there! So uh... you'd better take your complaints elsewhere!

I verified that fact with a cop.

Oh, and, haha, he tried flipping me a nasty finger gesture, but he wasn't quick enough on the draw to make it into the pic. that way! I shouted, "Haha, ya missed! Ya MISSED!" Geeze, what a LOSER!