Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cool Photo Collage images

Some cool photo collage images:

Magic Rocks
photo collage
Image by EJP Photo
This was originally intended as a time lapse video, but I never found any software that was able to put all the JPG's together into a video... would love to know what other people use to do this. The time difference between the first frame and the last frame is about 8 hours.

But anyway, not all is lost. I rather like collages, and if it was a video I probably wouldn't put it on Flickr anyways, as I'm still of the opinion that video doesn't belong here.

Day 201 - Collage
photo collage
Image by FadderUri
cwd241: Collage - Collage is regarded as a work of visual arts made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. You may create your collage however you choose, but it must include at least one new photograph.

All new photographs - even the one in the upper left. I took a photo of an old photo of my wife and me dancing way back before we got married, and when I still had hair. I took some photos of some of the things that had some memories for us, and put them into this collage. The background is actually a photo of the top of my desk. The photo of me in the lower right hand corner is in case I run out of time to shoot a new 365 pic for today before midnight....