Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cool Fun Photos images

Check out these fun photos images:

Pratt Library Wordle 2: books and shapes and more
fun photos
Image by Enoch Pratt Free Library
Just for fun: we edited our original Wordle uploaded to Flickr in Flickr to add some free image shapes and rounded edges.

See it BIG!

Wordle image made at using some of our Flickr tags.

Images of Wordles are licensed with Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 United States, "Approved for Free Cultural Works"

OK, now go to the library!

Surreal Bulk
fun photos
Image by cobalt123
This was a really fun shot to try for, as I gave up trying to get a straightforward image of this gigantic black sculpture at the Phoenix Art Museum. See small versions of good photos by danielgreene and lilbtch in the first comment below this image. BTW, that is lilbtch over on the far right, likely taking one of her excellent shots.