Sunday, October 18, 2015

shoot the bokeh (bokeh murder)

Some cool photo lights images:

shoot the bokeh (bokeh murder)
photo lights
Image by horizontal.integration
guns bokeh and light.

So I hear there is this new drug sweeping across the land. Shoot it. snorting is for the casual addict ... the bokeh lol

I took many sequences before I was able to capture some muzzle flash. Full auto is fun but an ineffective way to fight with small arms.

Photo Supply Co.
photo lights
Image by andy castro
I have this thing for these window signs on Main Street. The typography and graphic design is just incredible and at night, with the warm light shining through from the shops — it's just magic.

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Lights 5
photo lights
Image by mag3737
More squircles from my collection.

1. Light, 2. Light, 3. Light, 4. Light, 5. Light, 6. Light, 7. Light, 8. Light, 9. Light, 10. Light, 11. Light, 12. Light, 13. Light, 14. Light, 15. Light, 16. Chandelier, 17. Light, 18. Light, 19. Light, 20. Light, 21. Light, 22. Light, 23. Light, 24. Light, 25. Light, 26. Light, 27. Light, 28. Chandelier, 29. Light, 30. Light, 31. Light, 32. Light, 33. Light, 34. Light, 35. Light, 36. Light

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