Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nice Cat Image photos

A few nice cat image images I found:

Cat scans - 3D compilation
cat image
Image by Striving to a goal
NOTE: I DID NOT TAKE THESE PICTURES. That being said, I must state that they could not have been taken without me, because they are pictures *of* me. Each of the images actually started as a series of cat scans that were given to me on a disc after they were taken (I had to have my sinuses examined). I used a specialized program on the disc to compile each series into a 3-dimensional "model". Using the program, I can rotate each image and zoom in and out... I think it's the coolest thing to be able to see images of the inside of my head, even though it's mostly empty! <:-o

Cyber Cat
cat image
Image by Lady Pain (Marta Manso)
Siempre me han gustado las películas de ciencia ficción. Es cierto que me gustan Matrix, Equilibrium y otros films que a mi forma de ver, saben sacar buen partido a los efectos especiales sin perder historia, pero lo cierto es que las películas de ciencia ficción antigua, son mil veces más extremecedoras, hacen más caso del ciberpunk. En vez de tanto progreso, tanto futurismo y tanto bláster, muestran el futuro como una época decadente y caótica, una época en la que el poder rige por encima de todo y de todos, la corrupción es lo más habitual y la mayor parte de la sociedad vive subyugada y vigilada, con su correspondiente pequeño grupo rebelde.

El aire a cine negro remata la faena. No es erróneo pensar que pudiera ocurrir, ya que la moda, como la Historia, es cíclica.

Y todo esto es fantástico imaginarlo con adultos protagonizando esas vidas pero... y los niños? Y la inocencia infantil? Seguro que la Naturaleza es sabia, y conseguirá que salgan adelante... quiero pensar que la única diferencia, será que sus peluches serán de colores fosforitos y estarán decorados con neón...


I always liked science fiction films. It's true that I like Matrix, Equilibrium and other films that in my opinion, know using special effects without losing history, but the certain thing is that the old sci-fi films, are thousand of times eerier, they pay more attention to cyberpunk. Instead of a lot of progress, a lot of future and a lot of blasters, they show the future like a declining and chaotic time, a time in which the power prevails over everything and everybody, the corruption is the most habitual and most of the society lives subjugated and watched, with its corresponding small rebellious group.

The black cinema airs ends the work. It's not wrong to think that it could happen, because the fashion, like History, is cyclical.

And all of this is fantastic to imagine it with adults carrying out those lives but… and the children? And infantile innocence? Surely that the Nature is wise, and it will manage to get ahead them… I want to think that the only difference, will be that their cuddly toys will be of fluorescent colors and will be decorated with neon…

Fotógrafa: Lady Pain
Modelo: A cute big headed cat
Retoque ciberfuturista: Photoshop by Lady Pain

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