Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Music, Politics, Libraries 2007

A few nice photo library images I found:

Music, Politics, Libraries 2007
photo library
Image by xmacex
A conference of Nordic and Baltic music Libraries on 30-31.08.2007 at Sibeliusakatemia, Helsinki. An interesting event with a load of nice and motivated people. I've heard the IAML (Internation Association of Music Libraries), IFLA (Internation Fededation of Library Assosiations) etc. large conferences are much more boring than these smaller, quite relaxed meetings. There were about 130 people, most of them (us) from scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Mostly we heard reports of local digitizing projects, but there were also broader presentations. I gave a presentation too, titled User aspect to electronically distributed music and in all my modesty i must say it went pretty well and i got a lot of positive feedback for it. I also held a little tour of Töölö and Library 10 (alias Kirjasto 10) on thursday.

On the following day, 1.9. we went to Porvoo for the day with a crowd of perhaps 20 people.

Shout-outs to all the participants <3

See where the photo was taken at maps.yuan.cc/".

Children's Library
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Image by Group3 Planners, LLC
Mancos Public Library, Mancos, Colorado was completed in 2009. Emphasis was on creating a library that would become the hub of the community. Wi-Fi, public computers, outdoor seating and community rooms support this goal.

Group3 Planners created the layout of the library and selected the furniture. The other project team member is Humphries Poli Architects.

Group3 Planners plans and designs libraries. Learn more about Group3 Planners and our other projects at www.group3planners.com

Photos by Group3 Planners

Students Using Library Card Catalog, 1953
photo library
Image by Benedictine University
Collection: Benedictine University Archives, Benedictine University Library

Title: April 2012 Photo of the Month: [Students using library card catalog, 1953]

Date: 1953

Place: North America: U.S.; Lisle, IL; Benedictine Hall, Library

Type: 5x7 Photograph

Ben U’s library began in a small room in the northeast corner of Benedictine (Ben) Hall and by 1915 had expanded to two rooms containing about 7000 volumes between them. The faculty, recognizing that the college needed more and better resources to support its academic programs, led a 1918 effort to select and purchase several thousand additional volumes. In 1922, Rev. Adolph Hrdlicka, O.S.B., was appointed College Librarian. Under his leadership over the next five decades, the library greatly expanded its services and collections and received national recognition as one of the best small Catholic college libraries.

In 1927, the library moved to the ground floor of Ben Hall (later the South Cafeteria / Ben Central area ) to accommodate growth in collections and staff and to provide more study space for students. It remained there until the newly constructed Lownik Library (now Lownik Hall) opened in 1963. Lownik provided more study space as well as “state of the art” tools such as card catalogs and, eventually, computers. In 2001, the library moved again to Kindlon Hall of Learning where its offerings now include 200,000 print and electronic books, access to over 30,000 print and electronic periodicals, computers, printers, and group study rooms. The card catalog, however, is a thing of the past. In summer 2012, the library will again undergo a move as its space in Kindlon is remodeled.

Photo ID: s-1556

Photographer: unknown

There are no known U.S. copyright restrictions on this image. The digital file is owned by the Benedictine University Library which is making it freely available through a Creative Commons license with the request that the Library be credited as its source.

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