Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Proposal

A few nice love image images I found:

The Proposal
love image
Image by The National Archives UK
Description: 'The Proposal. I'll love you while Life Lasts' - Photograph of two skeletons, one sitting and one kneeling.

Date: 1896

Our Catalogue Reference: COPY 1/424/1039

This image is from the collections of The National Archives. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons.

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Escaping from Sunset
love image
Image by fs999
Pentax 645N • Arsat MC 30mm f:3.5 fisheye
Fujichrome Velvia 100F
Scanned with Epson Perfection V500 at 2400dpi and Betterscanning MF Film Holder

Iles des Saintes • Guadeloupe

Chenda in action
love image
Image by Jogesh S
Chenda is the major accompaniment for Kathakali.

It is also used in Yakshagana and as an independent instrument.