Sunday, September 6, 2015

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Your Very Own Day
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Image by drp
I am sorry I have not uploaded anything today until now. I have had much to think about this morning, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Outside of that, it's my mother's 75th birthday, and I wanted to take her out for lunch. We went to visit my brother over the weekend, and had a nice dinner, but I felt like doing something for her today myself. She has given me alot in this life, so any chance I get I try and take care of her, even in small ways. Sometimes my frustrations get the best of me, and I snap at her when I shouldn't. I need to be more accepting of her weakening emotional and psychological health. Anyway, my cousins sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and so I thought I would post a picture of them here. Happy birthday, mom. I love you very much.

If you can, please make a contribution towards the disaster relief
efforts in New Orleans by donating to the American Red Cross.

ALSO - To bid on a signed (by myself and Jolene) 10x8 photographic print of my image entitled "Clash Of The Titans" for the Flickr Katrina Relief Auction, click HERE. All proceeds go to the above charity. My talented friend seanhfoto has started the bidding. Now, show him what you can do now.


As a way of returning the extraordinary generosity and support you
have all shown me in this great community, whenever I upload a new
pic or series of shots this year, I'll provide a link to another flickr
photog whose work, personality, or spirit I feel you should discover.

Visit and introduce yourself. Make a friend. Share the love.

Open your eyes to Charloto today.

Westhaven Marina + rant
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Image by Chris Gin
I'm just uploading this so I can have a rant about monitor calibration (nothing to do with this shot though).

Why do monitors need to be calibrated? Can't manufacturers just make them self-calibrating or something? I've only had mine calibrated for about a year, and some of the photos I processed prior to that now look a lot more saturated and contrasty than I intended. And I bet the photos I've processed in the last year look flat and dull on my old uncalibrated monitor.

Given the huge mix of calibrated and uncalibrated monitors out there, it seems you can't really win when it comes to displaying your photos online. It really bugs me knowing that my photos don't look as I intended on a lot of monitors.

What do you guys do???

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winter's past decay
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Image by
Fellow Realmer rollobeetle uploaded this a while ago now and I had asked if I could play with it, for some reason the whole thing reminded me of something from the American Civil War - Id been re reading Shelby Foote's superb Civil War trilogy at the time and this image struck me for some reason - reminded me of that era, the cold winter of 1863 perhaps when Lee's army of Northern Virgina was mauled at Fredericksburg.

Dont know if this is what I wanted yet, but I liked the way it looked, not perfect, still seems too crisp and modern but its an example of how an image can grab you and inpsire you to play and think.

You can see Rollobeetle's original image here and his stream is also well worth checking out - many thanks to him for allowing me to work with his wonderful original image as well.