Tuesday, September 1, 2015

35 minutes of humber life

Check out these make a picture images:

35 minutes of humber life
make a picture
Image by cactusmelba
286 photos (loosely) stitched together in photoshop to make a Hockney-esque joiner.

I really want to physically make this with real photos. But it'll cost a STACK in printing, and a HEAP in time too. But I think it'd be much more impressive in person, there's a lot of detail to see.

The horizon is made up of 21 photos for the left hand side, 23 for the right, and are put together in a fairly standard panoramic manner, overlapping at the correct places and all that.

Just underneath the horizon is another standard 12-shot panoramic, giving the foreshore, the groynes and rocks.

But for me the whole point of a joiner is that you can change time and perspective, hence the different angles of the far tower, the cubist legs, and all the events happening in the same frame. (the ducks, the father taking photos of his children, the rescue boat and the two ships, none of which will really be visible at this sort of resolution! D'oh!)

I particularly like the way the bland sky has been given texture by the slightly differing exposures..

I know I always say this, but it REALLY does look better LARGE on a black background

I like joiners.

there was a picture in the heavens and everything glowed
make a picture
Image by Sidereal
Amazing what you can do with a little (rapidly, desperately downloaded) trialware.

Photo management by Picasa.

HDR by HDRSoft's Photomatix

Noise reduction by Picturecode's Noise Ninja

Border by Picnik.

Cutting and pasting by MS Paint.


After bragging to/celebrating with DFB about the daily river of crows I see, I left work a little early intending to take a photo of them and surprise her. Of course, today, NO CROWS. Fiddlesticks. I did see this, though.

Just imagine a thick river of crows crossing this scene.