Monday, August 3, 2015

Unlike any other

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Unlike any other
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Image by aspiration.inspiration
Last night. Another mobile upload, yet again.

It's a long way to reach the sea,
but I'm sure I'll find you there, waiting for me.
And by the time I blink, I'll see your wild arms swinging.
Just to meet me in the middle of the road,
and you'll hold me like you'll never let me go.
And beside the salty water, I could hold you close,
but you are far too beautiful to love me.

Last night was absolutely beautiful, the sunset really was as beautiful as what this picture makes it seem. With friends in a wide open field, I couldn't have asked for more.
Today will consist of packing up things for my apartment, and complete relaxation.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
P.S. I hope to get my PRO back sometime soon, I forgot how horrible it was to be so limited, ahhhhh.
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32/365 - Sunday's Best and A Few Other Things
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Image by Helga Weber
A few minutes before uploading this photo, I checked my phone and saw some bad news: my college best friend's father passed away yesterday due to cardiac arrest. Late last year, doctors found a brain tumor and he was in a coma for a month or so, after undergoing open surgery. I haven't seen my friends in a long time (my best friend, her sister, and I lived in the same dorm throughout college and I was a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding and godmother to her son). I'm a bit shell shocked and a little numb.

In other (not-so-depressing) news, my boyfriend got me a Canon Powershot Pro1 yesterday. It's the perfect camera for me, he says: a swiveling LCD, a remote control, an L lens, and a bunch of other features that made us name the thing "Bad Boy". He's hoping to get it next week. I'm hoping it doesn't take long to travel 7000+ miles to get to me.

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Image by sacha.frampton
I thought I would upload something abit different. Today, I have been slaving away doing art, and this is one of the pieces I managed to finish (apart from sticking it in my book). They are all photographs of the closest people (people I see almost everyday) to me and their favourite object or item that they own.

Dad & Daisy our dog
Lottie & her lala teddy
Mum & an amber necklace dad brought her
Rach & her kipper the dog teddy
Me & a russian doll I keep all the small things that Jamie gives me in
Jamie & his game boy color
Beth & a teddy she had when she was younger
Becci & a book (she lovesssssssss to read)
Emma & a statue of a dog that her great aunt got her

The photographs I took were then cut out and turned over. then I painted water on the back, which bled the ink on the front of the photo. These are the pictures of the photos from the front. btw theyre printed onto paper if your wondering :)

I hope you all like it :)