Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Single Tree

Some cool edit image images:

A Single Tree
edit image
Image by Martin Gommel
Story Of The Image: This shot is from a phototour through the landscapes near my hometown. I remember already having in mind to crop it like this but never really thought it would make it through to my portfolio. So here we go ;)
I am very thankful for every one who leaves some words about my images. Really. But please: Don't leave any Banners & Group Awars without any words of your own. At least try. Thank you.

Hamburg - A Year of Edits
edit image
Image by Peter Ito
A year of edits in Hamburg. This image is available at a high resolution (4096 pixels across). Click on 'All Sizes'.

edit image
Image by elsamuko
Edited with Black Silk, our B/W tool kit: