Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cool Digital Photos images

A few nice digital photos images I found:

Ramallah Moments
digital photos
Image by Gueоrgui
The engineer

...We take to a side street and come to what appears to be a construction project for a shopping mall – a piece of land enclosed by the kind of metallic fence that can be seen around any construction site, complete with several panels featuring an “artist’s rendering” of what the final building would look like. As we stand there examining this illustration, a man comes out of the office across the narrow street, and introduces himself as one the engineers in charge of the project.

After learning our respective nationalities, however, he isn't as amused as the people we've talked to previously, to whom a Russian and an American traveling in Palestine together was the funniest of jokes. He proceeds to lecture us (but addressing Anna, who is American, specifically) on the failure of American foreign policy and its support of Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Amid his more than insightful analysis of the conflict, however, it becomes clear that he doesn’t blame the situation on Great Britain’s failure to properly resolve the disputes in its then-mandate in between World Wars, or even on the United States’ lust for oil and geopolitical domination. His main contention – and he is, after all, an educated person, an engineer – is that Western (and to a greater extent, American) governments and media are litterally in the hands of Jews, and are therefore pushing an uncompromising Zionist agenda, destined to restore Eretz Israel to its full biblical glory.

“Just look at the names of the editors of your major newspapers. And those of the influential people in your governments.”

The man goes on for a while. In a political discussion in the West Bank, it's wiser to do more listening than talking, and this is precisely what we do, until he seems to realize that we’ve been standing outside for the whole time, and invites us into his office.

“Coffee, tea?”

We have delicious mint tea, with lots of sugar, the Arab way – and as I'm more and more convinced, the proper way. The man apologizes for his long-winded diatribe, and explains that while he feels passionate about the situation, he doesn't have any ill will towards either the American or the Israeli people, only towards the leaders of both countries that he saw as responsible for the Palestinians' plight. Assuming we’re journalists, he inquires about the subject of the story we’re working on, and is surprised to learn that our visit lacks focus and that we are basically just wandering around.

“Look around you”, he says. “There are so many stories, around us. Just take your pick. Find a subject.”

Ramallah Moments:
The Engineer
The Souk
The People's Party

CCF Saint-Gaudens
digital photos
Image by Matthieu Luna
Camion Citerne Feux de Forêts
Renault Midlum 240 Dxi