Friday, June 19, 2015

Nice Upload Photo photos

Check out these upload photo images:

(2x2)x(2x2) = 50
upload photo
Image by slimmer_jimmer
50th upload in my spooky tree series.

I thought I'd break my (self-imposed) embargo on spooky tree uploads and mark the halfway point of my project with a bang with this 16-in-1 effort, made up from 4 separate Actionsampler frames. I could count them as four entries but frankly I don't need the numbers - I've now got 20+ images stockpiled and ready for upload...
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Actionsampler + Fuji Provia 400 + xpro.

backdoor upload
upload photo
Image by *Lie ... on / off ... !
photo added in a comment

If you have time, check my set Backdoor Uploads: