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Image by \!/_PeacePlusOne
5th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Photo: Philip McMaster

Photo courtesy of:
McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce

Peace Plus One - World Sustainability Project - (China)

Spirit of Bethune - Spirit of Sustainability “白求恩精神”, “可持续发展的精神”



Mountaintop Removal, Wise County, Virginia
photo equipment
Image by Universal Pops
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Taken somewhere on Black Mountain in Virginia (in Wise County), not too far from the Kentucky line. This surface mine was a considerable distance away and my little p&s did a nice job in catching the mining equipment. As fascinating a scene as this is, the consequences of the mining companies actions are horrendous.

Finally I've had time to find out just what I was taking. This is a scene of MTR (mountaintop removal), a practice of coal companies, which most often leaves the mountain terrain destroyed, even though the companies are supposed to restore the land as close as possible to the original contours. Much can be found online regarding this practice.

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Third Army Moving Strykers to Afghanistan
photo equipment
A Stryker vehicle awaits transportation to war-fighters in Afghanistan, in an airfield staging area in southwest Asia. Third Army assists units mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in moving the war-fighter's equipment and materiel, including Stryker vehicles. This mission critical equipment is being rapidly deployed into Afghanistan by the leader of logistical operations throughout the Central Command area of responsibility in contingency operations
Third Army/U.S. Army Central PAO
Photo by Sgt. David Nunn
Date: 05.31.2010
Location: (Undisclosed Location)
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