Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cool Photo Upload images

Check out these photo upload images:

Fox Hole anticline, Little Haven, Pembrokeshire
photo upload
Image by Earthwatcher
Originally uploaded for the Guesswhere UK group.

This is the Fox Hole cave and anticline at Little Haven, Pembrokeshire. The cave may have originated by natural erosion but it has been enlarged by mining activity for the thin coal seam which is present here. There is also at least one mining level (adit) driven into the anticline from the left side of the structure. One photo here and more to follow....

Apologies for the rather poor quality. It was a filthy, wet, grey day when I took this.
Scanned from a Kodachrome transparency and considerably enhanced in Photoshop to overcome the weather effects.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

The Rain is Coming
photo upload
Image by filip.farag
2 uploads in 1 day! I never did this. Anyway, here's the second shot from my trip in Tatras, see the first one here!


Nikon D7000; Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X @ 11mm
Aperture(f9), Shutter speed(1/100), ISO sensitivity(100)

Prague, Czech Rep

HDR from 3 RAWs, Handheld
Adobe Lightroom 3.3 : Fixing chromatic aberration, brackets converted to JPG
Photomatix 4.0.1 : Tonemapping
Adobe Photoshop CS4 : Masking & selective editing

Press L to view on Black




Bungalow at Padley Chapel, Grindleford
photo upload
Image by Earthwatcher
Originally uploaded as a clue to a Guesswhere UK puzzle.
One of a pair of huts which are now private dwellings, and are located next to Padley Chapel, but they were originally situated on a flat platform next to the Bolehill Quarries (Padley) Incline. A link to an old photo taken during the working of the incline is here:

In this photo, one of the huts can just be seen in the extreme top right.

At some time after the quarries and the incline ceased operation in 1914, two of the huts were relocated to Padley Chapel a short distance away to the south.

See where this picture was taken. [?]