Saturday, May 16, 2015

my camera is telling me something

Some cool my photos images:

my camera is telling me something
my photos
Image by tttaaaooo
my camera (powershot a95) was having some problem with its cc cell, that is it displays colour incorrectly. i was trying to take this shot with a super long exposure(about 15 sec). and this is what came out. absolutely no photoshop.

at that moment, i thought somehow this photo is very fitting to the installation. ( at the museum 'void' - Menashe Kadishman's steel sculpture "Shalechet" (Fallen Leaves))

it's a bit dark. but it's necessary.

The Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany

My Shadow
my photos
Image by theoelliot
I decided that this is my favorite shot from 2012. This is the year that I broke my main digital camera and shot entirely with an iPhone 3GS. The photo is from a 200K permanent randonneuring route in Oregon's Willamette Valley. As we headed back to Portland from McMinnville, the evening light was as close to perfect as I have ever experienced.

In 2013, it is my aim to greatly improve my photography. I'll be taking classes and shooting film (my grandfather gave me his Nikon FE2 a few years ago and it's time to learn to use it well) and trying to take pictures that tell better stories than my pictures from 2012. So maybe it's fitting that my best shot of 2012 features a shadow of myself and was taken while I was in motion towards a distant goal.

My Little Theatre (one year later)
my photos
Image by Lainmoon
My favorite room in Taichung Brewery, Taiwan.

(It looks like this one year ago)

This is also the "A place" of my "City Slice" project.