Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy couple

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Happy couple
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Image by Ed Yourdon
Not much to say about this one ... whatever this couple was smiling about, it certainly put them in a good mood.

Note: this photo was published in a Jun 18, 2009 blog titled "リア充を気取ってモテカワ愛されブロガーになるたった5つの方法." It was also published in a Jul 27, 2009 blog titled "Conflict: Part Two." And, somewhat curiously, it was published on the home page of a website called Jew For Me. It was also published in a Feb 18, 2009 blog titled "Number One Piece of Dating Advice Broken Down."

More recently, the photo was published in a May 24, 2010 blog titled "Trouwkaarten: hoe kies ik de foto." It was also published in a Jun 4, 2010 blog titled "Balancing parenting and marriage: Keeping the intimacy alive." And it was published in a Jun 28, 2010 blog titled "Don't Fail Her First Test." It was also published in a Jul 9, 2010 blog titled "Waiting to Meet Janice." And it was published in a Dec 17, 2010 blog titled "Looking for Love Has Its Pitfalls." It was also published in a Dec 23, 2010 blog titled "Sustainable Love: Obstacles to Intimate Conversation."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Jan 20, 2011 Russian blog titled "5 начина да я впечатлиш на първите ви срещи." And it was published in a Mar 4, 2011 blog titled "あなたの脳は男脳? それとも女脳?" It was also published in an undated (mid-Jul 2011) MagForWomen blog titled "Seven Mean Ways To Manipulate Men." It was also published in a Jul 29, 2011 blog titled "10 Ways To Wreck Your Marriage." And it was published in an Aug 4, 2011 blog titled "【ホンマでっか!? TV】男性にとって魅力的な女性、忘れられない女性とは?" It was also published in an Aug 29, 2011 Slate (France) blog titled " Les soucis financiers empêchent les femmes de dormir, pas les hommes." And it was published in a Nov 18, 2011 blog titled "first date advice, should you kiss or not?"

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Jan 31, 2012 blog titled "Best Money Tips: Frugal Dating Tips for New Couples" It was also published in a Mar 13, 2012 blog titled "Pleased Couple." And it was published in a Jul 12, 2012 blog titled "6 Questions to Ask Your New Travel Partner Before Your First Trip." It was also published as an illustration in an undated (early Sep 2012) "love quiz" titled "Are you too dominating on your partner?"

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Feb 19, 2013 blog titled "Dr. Enrique Peñalosa Delivers Keynote Speech at Recycle-A-Bicycle’s 3rd Annual Youth Bike Summit." It was also published in a Mar 7, 2013 blog titled "Get Tested: It’s Easier Than You Think." And it was published in an undated (mid-Apr 2013) Mommathon blog titled "Parenting Advice and Parenting Skills." It was also published in a May 24, 2013 blog titled "Four Ways your Relationship May Be Harming Your Health."


When you say "New York City," most people think of Times Square, or the Empire State Building, or the crowded sidewalks and the skyscrapers in mid-town, or Wall Street, or the ill-fated World Trade Center. Maybe Central Park will come to mind, but most people don't realize that New Yorkers know lots of places to relax, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air ...

... like Carl Schurz Park, over by the East River on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, stretching from 90th Street down to about 84th Street. In addition to flower gardens, dog runs, basketball courts, playgrounds, and grassy knolls for sunbathing, there is also a wide promenade where cyclists, roller-skaters, dog-walkers, lovers, joggers, parents, children, and any of the other millions of citizens of this city can stroll along at whatever pace suits them best. Some sit at benches along the edge of the river, staring at the roiling water caused by the swift current down the East River; others nod and smile as they watch sailboats, motorboats, yachts, barges, tour-boats, and barges ply their way up and down the river.

One thing's for certain, though: everyone enjoys Carl Schurz Park. It's one of New York's little secrets ...

Funny Funen
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Image by Stewart Leiwakabessy

1. Funen, 2. Funen, 3. Funen, 4. Funen

Acqui Terme Spring
photo website
Image by Johnny Peacock
Robbed in Italy - No more Camera Gear!

If you follow my website regularly you're probably used to me missing an occasional post, but you've probably wondered what's happened over the past week to stop me posting for days on end.

I was in a really good mood as I drove towards Portofino where I'd overnight before hopping on a train to get to the Cinque Terre...

Today's Photo: The Spring at Acqui Terme

This elaborate fountain is actually a natural spring, the use of which dates back to Roman times. When you get up close to...

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