Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nice Photo To Canvas photos

Check out these photo to canvas images:

A Musical Company, by Jacob Ochtervelt
photo to canvas
Image by pirano Bob R
Not the full canvas.

Cleveland Museum of Art, permanent collection.
More here.


Photo by Bob Ramsak / piran café

This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you use this photo within the terms of the license or make special arrangements to use the photo, please list the photo credit as "Bob Ramsak / piran café" and link the credit to

Low Tide
photo to canvas
Image by rina miriam
Oil and mixed media on canvas
60 x 80 cm

From the series She Sells Seashells
Exhibited at Talo Täynnä Taidetta - Mältinranta Art Center, Tampere, Finland 2006
To see photos of the exhibition click HERE

Copyright © Rina Miriam Drescher 2005

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Check this out WHAT???!!!

wait what?

wait are you serious

My painting is protected by Copyright laws. Please don't copy my painting illegally and try to sell it someplace as though it is somehow not protected by Copyright laws.

photo to canvas
Image by David Carmack Lewis
oil on canvas 45" x 43" 2009

This was based on a photograph I found on flickr a long time ago and have not been able to track down since. It was a daytime scene with firefighters in it. If anyone knows who took that photo I'd like to give them some credit.