Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nice Image Upload photos

Some cool image upload images:

(another) Friday Night's in America
image upload
Image by jdanvers
This is another image that I grabbed from the football game last week under the lights. Initially I wasn't going to upload it because I thought that it was another shot of the same player from a slightly different angle. But then I noticed that the face mask is different and I was like - ah ha! ( I kind of like this shot and now I feel as though I can put it up w/out a feel of to much repetition ;) )

Read more about the game and view a few more photos here. The original image that I posted from that game is here.

This is also something that I'm testing. I'm taking a photoshop class and (WOW!) I learned some really cool stuff tonight. Assuming that flickr doesn't mangle this image on upload and it continues to look as good there as it does locally from my hard disk . . . then I'm really excited about the future of my image uploading. :)