Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nice Fun Photos photos

Check out these fun photos images:

"Flower Power" - a Video Art Production by mimitalks, married w/children (view in HD)
fun photos
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
Picking up a frame from my last Video Art Production posted on Flickr:,
I continue the wave of color and lighting and design and dimension and movement, adding texture this time. Why? 'Cause I can, and it is fun and cathartic.

Oh, and I combined a few of the productions with different music and put it on my YouTube channel.
Enjoy, if you watch either of these (especially if you join my very few followers on YouTube!) The music is kind of soothing...

I love both my Paint Shop Pro vs. 6 imaging program and my Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate (which allows me to time and transition my video frames to be a "movie", plus gives me a legal selection of music with which to accompany same).

I figure this is one thing in my rather hectic life (parenting two teens and being married to a shiftworker, not to mention a few other things going on...) where I can shape the outcome :).
Works for me!
One of my Celebrating Spring 4 times Over" videos, but here it is published separately with its original music

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding
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Image by
Free picture from my romantic friend. This photo was created for this short story:

This beautiful picture can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

An intimate relation is a relation in particular interpersonal fence that implies the physical or emotional intimacy. The physical intimacy is characterized by romantic or passionate and incidental love, or sexual activity. The term also is sometimes used in an euphemistic way for a sexual intercourse. The intimate relations redeem a central role in the entire human experience. The people have a general desire to belong and to love that he is satisfied in general inside an intimate relation. The intimate relations imply the physical and sexual attraction for a person to other, pleasing and loving, romantic feelings and sexual intercourse, as well as the search of a partner and emotional and personal support of. The intimate relations provide the people of a social network of the people who provides strong emotional accessories and realizes our universal need for the belonging and the need sweetheart is felt.

The sexual partners are the people who takes part in the sexual activity together. The sexual partners can be of any genre or sexual orientation. The sexual partners can be in an awkward relation, in an exclusive base or not, or to take part in the sexual activity in an occasional base. They can be on good terms (in whose case they often are recounted like "loving") or anonymous, as in case of the sex with a stranger, a night mesita, or a prostitute. A person can be the sexual partner of another person even if the sexual activity is illegal, socially unspeakable, or on the other hand in the violation of a confidence or commitment. A person can have more than one sexual partner in any moment, although to do so often is disapproved.

The love is an emotion of a personal strong and incidental affection. The love also is a virtue that represents any human kindness, compassion, and affection; and "the disinterested, loyal and benevolent worry for the good of other". The love also can be described as actions towards others or one based on the compassion, or as actions towards others based on the affection.

The romance is the agreeable feeling of enthusiasm and mystery associated with the love. In the context of romantic relations of love, the romance in general implies an expression of the love of someone, or deep emotional desires of someone of to join with another person. Historically, the term "romance" comes with the medieval ideal of the code of knighthood like arranged in its literature Romance.

A commitment or the betrothal are a promise to marry, and also the period of time between offer and marriage – that can be the longest or trivial. During this period, it is said that a couple is the fiancé, fiancé, involved to be married, or simply begun. They can call future fiancées and the fiancés the fiancé, a future for the wife or future for the husband, fiancées or fiancés. The duration of the engagement changes immensely.

The long commitments were once common in formal tidy marriages and it was quite common for parents who promise in marriage to children to arrange such many years before the occupied couple was quite old to marry.

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fun photos
Image by ...-Wink-...
I've been tagged by the sweet and wonderful DebM07 Deb I'm just having some fun here, I really love Valentines day and really love that you tagged me XOXOXOXO

You're being tagged by "Flickr" Cupid's love arrow. These questions all apply to "romantic love." Be creative. Happy Valentine's and have fun!
1. What was the name of the first person you loved? - Mommy
2. How old were you when you got your first romantic kiss? - Romantic? - I'm a boy, but OK 14
3. Who do you love now? - First and forever – Rachael Welch (OK she's old, but so am I)
4. Do you have special plans for Valentine's Day? - Me and my buddies Jack & Jim are watching sports (or some exploitation film) for the day
5. How do you show your love for your sweetheart (keep this answer clean)? - Stay the hell away
6. What is your favorite love song? Bang The Gong seriously I love this song
7. Who is your love guru (meaning author, television star, or friend)? - Stephan King
8. Tell us the best love/dating advice you have ever received? - Berry White, Lets Get It On

Please tag your friends! - Nope!
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